The health and safety of our clients, staff and families continues to be our number one priority. A sector wide shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gowns, masks, hand sanitiser and gloves continues. We have been working tirelessly over a number of weeks to secure much needed PPE.

Noting the desperate need of the disability sector to obtain appropriate PPE to manage known or suspected COVID-19 cases and protect staff and clients, we have managed to procure an urgent air freighted stock of certified (EN 149) P2 surgical masks.  Most of the emergency stock has been distributed to disability organisations, but some remain for urgent need.

In addition to the urgent supply of masks, we are proud to announce a further shipment of 650,000 P2 surgical masks which are due to arrive at the end of April.

If your organisation is in urgent need of masks or if you would like to place an order to get through the next few months, please email David Goldberg. We encourage you to share this message far and wide so we can help protect as many people as possible.