15 March 2018.

Able Australia clients, Steve Ripley and Paola Avila, were recently invited to share their personal stories of digital accessibility with almost 200 NAB staff working in Melbourne and Sydney.

Their presentations formed part of an ongoing series run by NAB designed to enhance their workforce’s awareness and consideration of people with hearing and/or vision impairments.

Steve charmed the NAB Sydney event on 5 March, focusing on his experiences of using an ATM and other digital devices critical to his everyday routine.

“Steve was incredible – very funny and charismatic. The leaders said it was very inspiring and a great reality check,” said NAB Scrum Maser Ishara Fernando.

Paola presented on 7 March to the Melbourne office, sharing powerful stories of her participation in the deafblind community and challenges faced when travelling independently in the city.

“I was not completely independent until I was 43, because that was when I started utilising my cane. I noticed it has significantly helped me with travelling and accessibility,” said Paola.

Congratulations to both Steve and Paola for their incredible work at both events.