Able Australia is a leading provider of disability services and community supports. We are a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and an accredited My Aged Care Provider.

Supported Independent Living

Whether in your home or one managed by Able Australia, our skilled staff support you to create a nurturing and enjoyable home life, as well as supporting you to access social programs, manage appointments and maintain your home.

Community Participation

Able works closely with you to create programs that include the community-based activities you are most interested in doing. These activities take place in the community and may be within a group or one-to-one with an Able support worker.

Deafblind Services

We are experts in supporting those with dual sensory loss. The programs within Deafblind Services are specifically designed for those with dual sensory loss or impairment and include recreation activities and Communication Guide program.

Digital Literacy for the Deafblind

Adaptive technology is equipment that is used to modify conventional computers to enable people with deafblindness and dual-sensory impairment to operate them. Ablelink, our digital literacy and e-communications hub, provides you with expert tuition in the use of these adaptive technologies.

Day Programs

At Able we offer programs at our day centres in Tasmania and Melbourne, as well as therapy programs running in Melbourne. Our day centres focus on group, centre-based activities that encourage social interaction as well as building independence. Our creative therapies provide an opportunity to express yourself in a safe and comfortable environment.

Support Coordination

Our support coordinators work closely with you to help you identify your needs, access personalised supports and make sure you are matched with the right services under the NDIS. Along the way, we will support you to develop the skills and confidence you need to manage your NDIS plan on your own.

Community Support for Seniors

Able offers a range of initiatives across Queensland that have been designed and developed to support the local community, including a community food pantry, installation of personal safety alarms, social support for individuals and groups and regular outings.  

Transport Services for Queensland

At Able we provide community transport for those over 65, and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are over 50. Through our service, you can access medical and specialist appointments, go shopping, attend social events and maintain a connection with your community.