Meet Hana! Hana works at Able Australia as an Occupational Therapist, specialising in adaptive technology.

Hana works from our new Northcote Day Centre to support our clients reach their goals with the assistance of technology that is adaptive for people with disability.

We asked Hana a few questions about how it supports our clients….

What is your role at Able Australia?

I use my skills as an Occupational Therapist to help clients achieve their goals of growing their independence in meaningful activities of daily living and achieving their personal goals. To do that, I use inclusive technologies that can facilitate independence and problem solve with clients to see what technologies can help them achieve their goals.

How do you assist our clients?

Through assessing their current level of function, areas they wish to improve in, and how we can use technology or any assistive or inclusive technologies to enable the client. We will then test possible solutions together and collaborate on what works well and what does not. Once we have a suitable solution for the client, we can then apply for NDIS funding to help the clients achieve their goals.

What do you like most about helping our clients at Able Australia?

All clients have such different goals and different life experiences. It is an amazing experience to help our clients achieve something meaningful on their own which may have previously been out of reach. I have had some clients tell me what we do is like magic, especially with automation, which is pretty special.

Why do you think our clients love using technology for therapy reasons?

With the way the world and technology is changing, we are seeing a huge shift in how we can access the world. Things that were once science fiction are now a reality. This means that so many people who once could not access the world around them, can now use alternative methods to achieve goals of independence. This can be as simple as modifying a computer mouse for someone with decreased motor-control so they can access a computer. Another example is using voice-over and haptics so individuals with sensory difficulties can use a phone to keep in touch with loved ones or feel safe in the community. Technology is finally catching on the fact that we all have different needs and this is opening up doors for our clients that were previously out of reach, and that is pretty special.

Below are some images of the Tech Lab taken at our official opening event of the Northcote Day Centre, which features some adaptive technology that Hana uses with our clients.

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