The festive season should be a time of happiness, connecting with friends and family.

Unfortunately, for many people living with disability, Christmas can be lonely.

Thankfully, with the support of people like you, Able Australia is changing this.

Watch the 30 second video below, where we share with you some of the stories of the amazing people in our community. It features Leila, Russell, and Cathy, and how your support at this special time of the year is more than a gift for them.

support our christmas appeal


Your support for Able Australia will be more than a gift. It will foster the joy and spirit of Christmas for Australians living with disability

This Christmas Appeal will help raise funds to provide personalised gifts and provide ongoing support for clients who live in Able’s Supported Independent Living homes. We will decorate our homes to spark joy and create wonderful memories of Christmas parties for our day service clients, and traditional meals for those who won’t be celebrating with their family.

Usman has been supporting Able Australia’s clients for five years. He is Russell’s main support worker, supporting
and encouraging his independence in what you and I would consider everyday activities like making a cup of tea. They
make each other laugh and Usman warmly challenges Russell to learn and grow his abilities every day.

“I want Russell to live the life he chooses. I know that he loves writing greeting cards to his family and I’m here to support him. He will be so excited when the Christmas decorations are put up this year.”  says Usman, Disability Support Worker, Able Australia.

If you wish to speak to our fundraising team about your donation, please call 1300 220 602 or email us on

Every day our donors make a difference to the lives of people with disability. Thank you for your support❤️