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Help people living with deafblindness communicate with new technologies

New technologies now make it possible for people with no sight or hearing to read, learn and communicate with others.

It can open up whole new worlds of independence and communication for people living with deafblindness.

Michael can head into a city coffee shop and order the strong latte he likes – using his braille reader and his ipad.

John loves to read The Age each day using his braille display that translates what’s on his computer screen or smart phone or tablet.

He can also follow the football he loves using his braille reader and computer.

But John had to learn how to use this technology and it’s not easy for many of us let alone someone who is both deaf and blind.

That’s where Ablelink comes in. Ablelink was established twenty years ago to train people living with deafblindness to use technology to enhance their independence.

In September 2019 Ablelink will lose the $80,000 it has been receiving in government funding.

It costs $230,000 a year to operate the service, which not only provides essential technology training, it is a place where people living with deafblindness can meet friends who face the same challenges they do. 

And it’s a great place to swap information about new applications and devices and help each other out.

Will you donate today to give people living with deafblindness the opportunity to take advantage of new technology to increase their independence and reduce isolation?

Your gift will help provide a unique place for people living with deafblindness to learn how to use new technologies that will help them live as independently as possible.