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Do you think it’s fair that people with disabilities receive less support because they’re over 65?

At Able Australia we certainly don’t. But that’s how it is right now for some of our clients.

And the effect of that is already clearly visible.

At Able Australia we certainly don’t. But that’s how it is right now for some of our clients.

And the effect of that is already clearly visible.  

In a lovely home in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs live five residents cared for by Able Australia. They have lived together for almost all their adult lives. They’re like family to one another.

Each one of them lives with physical disabilities. Each one relies on a wheelchair to get around.

Three of the residents have recently received funding packages from the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which is wonderful for them.

The problem is, the two other residents haven’t received NDIS funding – and won’t.

Why? Because they’re already aged over 65. And you have to be less than 65 to be eligible to receive NDIS funding.

It means that the three people who get NDIS are funded for a dedicated carer for as many hours a week as they need. They can go out, go to doctor’s appointments and go shopping. 

The two who are over 65 and who don’t get NDIS may only have funding for one-on-one care for three days a week from the funding they now receive.

But what happens on the other four days?

Imagine at night around the dinner table. The three with funding from NDIS can exchange stories about their day.

After years of doing things together, the two people deemed too old to receive NDIS funding have to listen to the accounts of fun and entertainment enjoyed by their housemates.

It just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Of course, Able makes sure that those who do remain at home also have entertainment, doing things like cooking, watching movies, chatting or whatever they enjoy.

But it’s not the same as having the choice of being able to pop out to the local café for some coffee and cake is it?

You can help ensure they do have the opportunity to join their housemates. Here are some examples of the kind of gaps that gifts from you help to fill:

  • Around $25 is enough to provide the support needed to take three residents down to the local coffee shop for an hour.
  • Support to take a client on a trip to the dentist costs $100.
  • It requires around $150 per person to fund a three-hour trip to the swimming pool, taking into account the cost of a carer and travel.

Our goal is to see that every person in our care gets the support they need to live the life they choose.

We want to do the best we can for each person and to meet their individual needs.

One area where there is a need right now is the result of the age cut-offs for NDIS. Sadly, people over 65 who have disabilities miss out.

But you can help make sure that everyone in Able’s care receives the support they need to live a full and meaningful life.

For many people over 65 this funding gap means giving up activities they used to enjoy. But with your help that doesn’t need to be the case. You can help fill the funding gap and make sure everyone has the chance to participate and enjoy their life.