Alisha’s Story


Alisha loves teaching, and taught English in Australia to refugees, and also in Indonesia. In 2011, Alisha began to lose her vision and hearing. She sadly lost her job and independence.

With Able Australia deafblind supports, Alisha slowly learnt the skills and communication strategies to regain her confident and independence. By attending Able deafblind workshops, she met role models and felt a sense of belonging.

In 2017, Alisha was elated to be offered a position at Able Australia as a deafblind consultant.  As a passionate educator, Alisha is once again teaching others what accessibility is really about.

Established over 50 years ago as a provider of supports to the deafblind community, Able Australia are experts in the field of dual sensory loss and impairment.

We work with our clients like Joe to identify their support requirements and provide the resources they need to reach to your goals. Our team and facilities provide our clients a safe and comfortable space to meet others, work toward your goals and encourage independence when engaging in the wider community.

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