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This colourful and unique mobile was created by 9 artists over three months. The artists chose their own colours to paint their part of the mobile. Clients were able to paint during quiet times. Sometimes they would choose to paint individually and sometimes in a group. 

As you can see there is a vast array of colour throughout this creation and complements the rainbow connection of Able Art.

The changing shape and use of egg cartons of the mobile creates a stunning 3D artwork. Thank you to the artists for putting this showpiece together. 

Able Art Friday -Mobile 2

Pom-pom making workshop with Sandra

Mosaic table

This mosaic table is the outstanding result of teamwork. 16 clients were involved in this masterpiece which took two months to produce.

Materials were sourced from Marketplace on Facebook, local recovery shops and Bunnings. Trudi a Disability Support Worker at Able Australia drew the design and lead the project.

All clients involved are very proud of the art they have produced even if their contribution was a small part. They have enjoyed showing everyone what they have achieved. Clients have been involved throughout the project from the design to which tiles to use in sections of the table.

Able Art Friday -Mosaic Table 4
_Able Art Friday -Mosaic Table 1
Able Art Friday -Mosaic Table 2
Able Art Friday -Mosaic Table 3
Able Art Friday -Mosaic Table 6
Able Art Friday -Mosaic Table 5